MS~FEMA  ruled guilty in 2007
Conspiracy, falsified documents... hate!

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MS~FEMA boots on the ground now in South Mississippi

If you are a member of poverty and  an applicant of disaster related services provided through FEMA south MS, learn how NOT to become a victim twice in the same disaster. Your neighbors can have your services blocked based on lies and false truths. If you feel you are being discriminated against by FEMA,  you have a right to call USDHS and report it.  Keep every piece of paper you receive and also keep a log of events documenting names and actions of every official that visits your damaged property. You also have a right to request a complete copy of your case file. This file should match exactly with your paperwork and the log of officials that were on your property. Falsified documents are real and are not legal. Protect yourself and sign this petition to stop FEMA from misconduct.

PhotoCredit: Federal Govt. 

MS paid off violations from the 60's and took possession of their deeds. They will lose them again because they can't afford the damages related to this case. The feds will pay the damages and retrieve the deeds once again. That's the agreement made in 2007 when no arrest could be made. (504.913.3486)

Every disaster application generates a case file that is submitted to FEMA in Washington DC as record of fact.  Just like what you see in the picture on the left.

 It is the state's version of events as documented through their own divisions of FEMA.

In this specific case file, names were omitted and replaced with other names. Dates and times have also been falsified. Disaster victims don't know that they are entitled to receive a complete copy upon request, to keep for their records. Mississippi FEMA agents could allegedly falsify these documents to protect the entity from any legal action by a disaster victim. Names are replaced with employees of their choosing who will appear in court to discredit the victim's claims. FEMA also contracts with major law firms leaving victims little resources when they are forced to try and obtain counsel. As in any declared disaster, keep EVERY piece of paper related to your application. Even paperwork sent by the state. Some paperwork has information that is required by law to be sent to you. Some of that information is printed on the back side of documents and is printed in white ink so most people will never see it. Documentation is everything.

This new 3 bdrm ADA compatible modular facility was authorized  by USDHS. Louisiana FEMA agreed to deliver it to the damaged address in Mississippi. It came from Bogalusa,LA. Orders were given for the transport company to make no stops between Louisiana and the final destination. Louisiana FEMA tied the facility down in a figure 8 formation as is protocol with any government facility. MS~FEMA was responsible for installing handicap ramps and initial hookups. If you notice, there was no handicap ramp installed at the rear exit as is considered standard protocol in any installation orders for persons with disabilities. Had there been a fire or emergency, no means of escape was made available for the rear of the unit. James's mother could not walk on her own and depended on a wheelchair. Was this intentional? 

The evidence is still in place today. 129 Charwood Dr., Derby,MS 39470.

Louisiana Native, MS constituent cleared by senior federal official but not secured to his disaster application by FEMA agents in Poplarville,MS over an inaccurate Credit Report in the days following Katrina's landfall in Mississippi. It was the community's plan from the beginning to block him.

Photo Credit: The Sun Herald

Family members of a small community made up a story against their neighbor and brought it to life. Most are related in one way or another. There were family members who worked for local government with one or more working for FEMA. Some had accused James McGee Jr. of income tax evasion. Others reported he wasn't a constituent. 

The community took this story and reported it to the federal government within the first days of the recovery process. All services were blocked. USDHS also blocked services based on the same false reports submitted by local FEMA agents as fact. No Mississippi attorney's would help him clear his name. None from around the country either. 

He died trying to get justice as guaranteed by the US Constitution and afforded to every US citizen. He was deprived of life.

USDHS was witness to the fact that MSFEMA would never provide any services as early as two weeks after the storm made landfall.. His mother died a horrible death in 2008. She had been ordered to be relocated from her home in St. Charles Parish because of the chemical plants and was moved to Mr. McGee's home in Pearl River County in Mississippi. The move was made in March of 2005 to extend her quality of life. 

The only thing James McGee Jr. was guilty of was keeping his promise to take care of his mom and keep her safe. The state and federal governments failed under the disaster proclamation signed by then George W. Bush. 

The most vulnerable time for the federal government is the time it is attached to any state following a declared disaster. It can be seized by a constituent. James McGee Jr. did just that in June, 2007. One of the criteria that had to be met was, He had to remain alive and move up through the federal court system.  Out of hundreds of attempts to find counsel throughout the state, no members of the MS state bar would agree to assist and stand up against a state entity.

Mississippi became fully vested for their division of FEMA as early as 4 months after Hurricane Katrina in early 2006. All heads had NOT been counted as had been reported  in the media by former Governor Haley Barbour. 

The conspiracy  not to secure a constituent to a disaster application after he had been cleared by a senior official from Washington and submitting documents that were designed to obstruct a federal investigation are in clear violation of federal law. Mississippi federal agents were unaware who this senior officer was. They made an attempt to covered it up. This is not an allegation. It's a fact.  The federal government witnessed it unfold yet was powerless to stop it. (The federal government cannot get inbetween a constituent and a state)

 It may very well turn out to be the largest breach of equal rights in FEMA's history.  In an effort to redivert CDBG funds to the Port of Gulfport, the state of Mississippi could not have any violations against any victims of the storm.
The inner workings of FEMA are being shared here so you or someone you know, doesn't fall victim to a natural disaster more than once at the hands of the very entity designed to assist the poorest of the poor. 
Mr. McGee's financial status as determined by USDHS, was considered to be the poorest applicant in the State of Mississippi related to Hurricane Katrina. He was a designated caretaker of two terminal family members with no income. 

USDHS surrendered after no arrest could be made on June 07, 2007. 

Former Gov. Haley Barbour issued an executive order to USDHS in 2006 to make the arrest and prosecution of James McGee Jr., and "imprison him on the other side of the country." That was Haley Barbour's orders to federal officer #2.
 USDHS could not arrest him on income tax evasion. Neither could the state.
James McGee Jr. was awarded a full appeal on June 07, 2007. That appeal was also denied by the state, former governor Haley Barbour and his division of FEMA. To honor the appeal would be an admission of guilt. The CDBG funds would have been frozen. Gross neglect by 13 agents employed by the government.

 It's against federal law to use credit as a means to disqualify a disaster victim for emergency life saving disaster related services.
 Poplarville, MS~FEMA agents and the former governor claimed he was not an 18 year resident. Why did his credit history become an issue? How was it accessed?  Mistaken identity? Identity theft? They knew exactly what they were doing.

It doesn't matter how it happened at this point, the violation was confirmed. MSFEMA made the call to not secure him subsequently allowing an end stage Alzheimer's family member to suffer and eventually die. MSFEMA knew she was at the damaged address. How many were involved? It takes at least two people to create a conspiracy. and as many as.....?  How many conspiracy's? Several are feared considering all disaster services and programs had to be approved by MS~FEMA.

As as result, Mississippi had been cited with several violations and to date, have paid them. One of those violations was forcing the state to recognize James McGee Jr. as a constituent of their state. The action mandated the office of motor vehicles in Picayune, MS to install a secondary computer system that forces acknowledgement. For the record, Pearl River County has been deemed as ground zero. Another violation was for not issuing titles for modular homes. He received one of the first to be issued as the state came into compliance.

          James McGee Jr. had never been arrested nor had he ever been convicted of               any crime.  He was a caretaker of two terminally ill family members. 

                             James McGee Jr.: November 18th 1964 ~ October 25th 2012

                A victim of hate from his community,he ordered a reverse to the investigation in 2007.

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Timeline of Events:


Hurricane Katrina strikes the MS Gulf Coast.


Federal officer #1 who is on the ground to set the state up so that the disaster proclamation can be attached arrived at the damaged address. He identified himself as a housing inspector and assessed damages. He had a conversation with James McGee Jr. in the driveway. He had the power and authorization to clear his name in the computer but could not secure him to the application. He was ordered out of the state to another disaster location. This order was given to him by federal officer # 2.  FO#1 said he could not get any of the 13 local agents in the disaster recovery office to secure his name to the application. All 13 refused. 

Federal officer #1 authorized the placement of an emergency travel trailer at the damaged address. He said to only make the emergency repairs that are authorized to the damaged home. It appears to be a total loss. 

A Mississippi Emergency Management Agency official came to the damaged address around the 21 month mark and went far beyond their authority when they ordered about $ 1,500.00 in additional repairs to the mobile home and said to "call" FEMA when those repairs were complete. They were not housing inspectors and were not authorized to order any repairs. The official stated she got her orders from her supervisor. They were not worried about any emergency medical needs for Mrs. McGee.. These actions brought the timeframe to 22 months at which time, MS~FEMA allowed the federal investigator to go and attempt to make the arrest that was ordered by former Gov. Haley Barbour. (the executive order he issued). This order was based on reports from MS~FEMA that could NOT be substantiated.

Mississippi FEMA stated in a federal report to FEMA that, federal officer # 1 was a sub contractor. It is understood that this officer was assaulted physically/verbally by at least one of the thirteen FEMA agents in the local disaster recovery office in Poplarville. This one FEMA agent was terminated with a "no rehire"  placed in his personnel file. He  was  the same constituent that was married into the family that launched this entire act of hate. There's no proof yet on the reason of the termination of this employee. It may be in relation to his involvement with this case, or some other wrongdoing. Federal officer #1 wore many different hats. He was the first boots on the ground in Jackson within a few days after landfall.

His orders were to prepare the state for the signed disaster proclamation to be attached by federal officer #2 who at the time was wrapping up FEMA business in Florida. 


The MDA's involvement :

The evidence is secure and federal witnesses will testify.