MS~FEMA  ruled guilty in 2007
How about negligent homicide? 

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FEMA: the inner workings

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State FEMA Document deception.

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I imagine the state entity's are allowed to use the FEMA logo and utilize return addresses in Washington and Maryland to give the impression that you are still dealing with the federal government. It's very important to look at and read the front and the back of every document you receive. There's information that has to be sent to you by law, advising you of your rights. The state may not want disaster victims to be aware of certain things.  In at least one confirmed case, this informat...

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Your neighbors could be your enemy.

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Every community has a neighbor they don't accept for whatever reasons. In this situation, we cleared our property of thick timber and the neighborhood was outraged. You could be that neighbor and not even know it. Chances are you could be the subject of conversation at local community meetings. When disaster strikes, your local disaster recovery center is most likely staffed with people from your community. FEMA says they train their agents NOT to get involved in community problems. At the di...

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