MS~FEMA  ruled guilty in 2007
How about negligent homicide? 

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FEMA: the inner workings

Your neighbors could be your enemy.

Posted by [email protected] on December 13, 2014 at 8:30 AM

Every community has a neighbor they don't accept for whatever reasons. In this situation, we cleared our property of thick timber and the neighborhood was outraged. You could be that neighbor and not even know it. Chances are you could be the subject of conversation at local community meetings. When disaster strikes, your local disaster recovery center is most likely staffed with people from your community. FEMA says they train their agents NOT to get involved in community problems. At the disaster office in Poplarville, MS, one, possibly more were related to a family that was ruled responsible for the vicious attacks and reports that were turned in to FEMA. this family had been retaliating  since 1992. An ongoing act of hate.

The federal officer that was ordered to make the arrest of James McGee Jr. said he couldn't see all the houses to justify the phone calls that had been called in to the FEMA fraud hotline. What this implies is that each person had to make several phone calls to ensure that all disaster related services would be blocked. There were several conspiracy's discovered as the calls were being reported. The phone calls were identical in nature but covered several indivdual allegations. People were documentated walking into the disaster recovery office off the street  and tryinig to register complaints including an extended family member. You have to remember, everything that was reported to the federal government about Mr. McGee was a lie. No arrest could be made. USDHS blocked all services based on reports submitted by federal agents who worked in the local recovery office. These reports are accepted by FEMA as truthful and factual. It's up to the victim to prove otherwise. USDHS surrendered in June, 2007. The federal computer mandated the protocol that had to be followed. There is no timeline for James McGee Jr. to be vindicated. The computer stated it would be nearly impossible to obtain counsel. It was even suggested that he get a law degree and be his own counsel. His mother was still alive at that point. It was not an option.

You need to keep all paperwork from your first encounter with disaster recovery officials all the way through the recovery process  until your case is closed. Dates and times, names and badge numbers of every person that steps onto your damaged property and a summary of what each one said and did. Every application generates an official case file (Photo on main page) which reflects dates/times, names of employees who have acted on your case. Every recorded phone call you have with FEMA also becomes part of your case file. You have a right to request a copy of this case file and cross check your account of events with the official report that was submitted to Washington as fact. The two accounts should be identical. 

In Mississippi and in this case in particular, the names of two federal officers who had been at the damaged address were deleted and replaced with names of local employees who would defend the MSFEMA entity against the disaster victim in the event they would be ever be sued. Their testimony is sworn by the oath they took. Even when they make false statements, you have to be able to prove they lied in a court of law. 

Just as soon as all heads are counted in a disaster, the state enters into a contract with the federal government becoming fully vested for their own division of FEMA. At that time, laws are passed on the state level laying out the process for disaster recovery. If a state is going to discriminate, this is the time when the rules change. The state division of FEMA becomes the mother ship. They control all entities created for implementing recovery efforts. If you are blocked by FEMA then you could be blocked by the Red Cross and other related organizations.

FEMA agents can put your file on the shelf and say oops, they forgot about you. You may never receive any services and there's nothing you can legally do about that. They are not allowed however, to access your credit information and use that information to deny services. 

Normally, someone who chooses to defraud FEMA is generally allowed to commit the criminal acts. The mayor of Gulfport who was wealthy, was allowed to commit fraud and was prosecuted after the fact. The police chief of Lumberton was allowed to commit fraud against FEMA and prosecuted when the evidence to convict him was secured.

In the case of James McxGee Jr. the community and local FEMA agents played judge,jury and executionor saying he was guilty of criminal acts that were never substantiated. Services were blocked and people died because the community said so. That's criminal.


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