What role did former Gov. Haley Barbour 
play in this death?  #ExecutiveOrder

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Ruled to be the poorest claim for disaster assistance in the State of Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina by the US Dept of Homeland Security in 2007, James McGee Jr. qualified for a full federal appeal. His mother would pass away from end stage Alzheimer's disease less than a year later with no services ever provided at the damaged address  under the disaster proclamation signed by former president George W. Bush. James passed away on 10/25/2012 never being allowed to clear his name.  GROSS NEGLIGENCE, wrongful death?  No members of the MS state bar would stand up against the state's entity and vindicate his name. Haley Barbour got personally involved because he believed his own division of FEMA. He said "if all these allegations prove to be true, it would fold up the governor's seat." EXACTLY!

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